Diffuser Kit Warm Winter

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Diffuser Kit Warm Winter

The glass vial with 50ml fragrance oil is in a beautiful ecological gift box, complete with wooden sticks smell of washed and dried reeds called Sida rhombifolia Linn. They are picked by hand, grow wild around the factory and damaging if not to the ecosystem.

Can be ordered separately is a boshouten board, a beautiful natural accessory for your diffuser We Love The Planet. View and order your display.

The essential oils, our diffuser last 2x as long as other diffusers . The average useful in the 50ml diffuser is located between the 8-12 weeks in normal use. (2-3 pieces)

Warm Winter (essential oil),
warm winter days come with this pleasant smell: Clove, Elemi oil, ginger, sandalwood, cinnamon and orange

Package Contents:
1 bottle Warm Winter - 50ml, 2 bunches small Kajute sticks.

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